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Whilst in New York, where she was addressing the 2018 Annual Meeting for the American Psychiatric Association in early May, Baroness Greenfield was able to meet up for a lunch with three key investors of Neuro-Bio, Peter Yates, Jim Demetriades and Dave Fuente, none of whom are actually based in the city, but were by sheer happenstance all passing through from Florida, Los Angeles, and Melbourne. The ensuing get-together saw a highly stimulating and successful progression of ideas and plans for the company in developing a biomarker and therapeutic candidate.

Included in the picture with Baroness Greenfield is Kairos Ventures Founder and Managing Partner Jim Demetriades, David Fuente former Chairman and CEO of Office Depot and Director-Investor of Neuro-Bio, and Peter Yates AM Deputy Chairman of the Myer Investments Pty Ltd.

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Baroness Susan Greenfield paid a visit to Didcot Girls’ School on Wednesday 18th April and gave a talk to Greenfield House members and Didcot Sixth Form. Not only was she able to visit the house in her namesake, but she was able speak about her journey; both professionally and personally. Her key message to the students was that finding their personal identity filled with their own interests and drive is the most important thing in life and she was able to inspire students by describing science as much more than facts; that it is elegant, philosophical in its discovery and can expose dimensions of our human nature. Baroness Greenfield looks forward to maintaining a strong relationship with Didcot Girls’ School and Didcot Sixth Form and was impressed with questions that were asked of her. Here she is pictured with Dr Gohar Khan and Executive Headteacher of Ridgeway Education Trust Mrs Rachael Warwick.


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The article starts 'What if we have got it wrong on Alzheimer's? Science is about getting it wrong, until you get it right. What if we're refusing to admit we're wrong about a horrifying disease?'

This article shows that people are starting to question the amyloid hypothesis which only proves to strengthen the novel approach that Neuro-Bio is taking to tackle Alzheimer's Disease. 

Click HERE to read the whole article on why a new approach to Alzheimer's Disease is necessary. 

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ABOUT Neuro Bio

Neuro-Bio is a privately-owned biotech out of Oxford University with a therapeutic focus on neurodegenerative disease. The company has discovered a novel 14 amino acid bioactive peptide (T14) derived from the C terminus of AChE. T14 is neurotoxic in the adult brain and published data shows it to be a potential key driver of neurodegeneration. This new distinct mechanism is being exploited by Neuro-Bio to discover oral drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease. T14 can also be measured in blood and Neuro-Bio is developing this biomarker as a companion diagnostic.

Dr Richard Mohs


"I compliment you on development of this novel and innovative approach to AD…the idea of linking known facts about selective neuronal vulnerability with both novel biomarkers and novel therapeutics is really quite exciting and is something completely absent from current approaches focusing heavily on amyloid-beta and tau."

Chief Scientific Officer, Global Alzheimer’s Platform, Nov 2017

Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield, CBE

CEO and Founder

Baroness Greenfield is a British scientist, writer and broadcaster. Susan has published over 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals over the course of her distinguished career. She holds 32 honorary degrees from UK and foreign universities, and has received numerous honours including the Australian Medical Research Society Medal and Legion d’Honneur from the French Government. Susan also has an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians and is a member of the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

David Fuente

Investor Director

David is an experienced manager and director having been Chairman and CEO of a number of companies across a wide variety of sectors.
He has a Master’s degree from Purdue University.

Dominique Kleyn

Commercial Director

Dominique has experience sitting on a number of Boards, as a non-executive director, across the Healthcare sector. Her skills lie within business development and marketing.
Dominique has an MBA from Imperial University.