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During the second half on March 2018, Professor Susan Greenfield will be visiting Melbourne, sponsored by the University of Melbourne. Whilst in Australia she will meet with our current Australian investors and update them on the rapid pace of progress of Neuro-Bio research. Peter Yates, Deputy Chairman of The Myer Family Investments Ltd, who heads the syndicate of Australian angels and is a long-standing supporter of the Neuro-Bio approach, is also kindly hosting various events where Susan will be presenting to a wider audience.

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Neuro-Bio recently featured on Oxfordshire's local TV channel. Follow this link to see an interview with Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield on Alzheimer's Disease, Series B funding and our new premises.


Neuro-Bio Secure Millions in Funding for Alzheimer's Research

Published on Feb 6, 2018

Neuro-Bio is an Oxford University spin-out that's pioneering an alternative approach to talking neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Based at the Culham Science Centre the bioteach firm has won millions in funding from a US Company. Our Reporter Alex Meakin has more.

That's Oxfordshire

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As Neuro-Bio continues to grow and we widen the scope and ambitions of our science, more spacious premises have proved an essential to accommodate the increase in researchers and management. Thanks to a very timely injection of funds from some of our Australian angel investors, we have been able to completely reconstruct and radically renovate recently vacated offices, into a mix of office and lab areas. This new space is bespoke and offer state of the art facilities where the whole team can readily interact in an exciting environment.

The company that designed and constructed the new premises is Sanber Ltd, one of the leading laboratory refurbishment and laboratory services installation companies in the UK. Based in Bolton but operating nationwide we provide the complete range of services required for any laboratory refurbishment or development project. They have given us specialist advice for the laboratory project and assistance from concept stage through to commissioning. For more information:

Professor Susan Greenfield and Miss Julie Peachey will visit UCB Celltech in Slough at the beginning of February to investigate possible collaborations with their neurodegeneration section and/or investment towards one of Neuro-Bios projects. The two companies originally met at Biotrinity and then again at Genesis 2017 and have had email discussions about possible partnerships for the next phase.

UCB Celltech is a biotechnology business that supports collaboration with academics and biotech companies to investigate new targets for possible development. UCB's goal is to command a leading position in discovering and developing new therapies to treat patients suffering from severe diseases. With a promising pipeline, they focus on neurological and immunological diseases to provide new treatments for specialists and their patients. For more information see:

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Fiona Cree has just joined Neuro-Bio as a consultant: she has extensive experience as a project director within a pharmaceutical environment having worked for Pharma companies including SmithKline Beecham and GlaxoSmithKline. Her extensive knowledge of global drug development processes and regulations across all Phases as well as her innovative approach to drug development, makes her an invaluable addition to the Neuro-Bio team. Her extensive experience of utilising available resources along with her vision of long-term planning and the delivery of short and long-term goals are expected to provide a valuable steer for Neuro-Bio into its next stage of development. We also envisage her extensive knowledge in interacting with legal, investment banking and other external institutions such as the European Commission during divestment/monopoly discussions, will help us through the due diligence process as we start to negotiate Series B funding.

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ABOUT Neuro Bio

The Right Honourable Lord James Arbuthnot of Edrom

James is an experienced corporate manager and Director. He has also worked extensively within Government, firstly as a Parliamentary Private Secretary and then as a Government Whip. He has served as Chairman of the Defence Select Committee and the Special Select Committee.

James has an MA in Law from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield, CBE
CEO and Founder

Susan has over 40 years’ research experience in brain physiology, particularly on the mechanisms underlying Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. Since 1976 she has published over 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals, collected 32 honorary degrees from UK and foreign universities and been awarded many prestigious honours for her work in neurodegeneration.

Susan has a DPhil in Pharmacology from the University of Oxford.

David Fuente
Investor Director

David is an experienced manager and director having been Chairman and CEO of a number of companies across a wide variety of sectors.

He has a Master’s degree from Purdue University.

Dominique Kleyn
Commercial Director

Dominique has experience sitting on a number of Boards, as a non-executive director, across the Healthcare sector. Her skills lie within business development and marketing.

Dominique has an MBA from Imperial University.

Neuro-Bio is a privately-owned biotech out of Oxford University with a therapeutic focus on neurodegenerative disease. The company has discovered a novel 14 amino acid bioactive peptide (T14) derived from the C terminus of AChE. T14 is neurotoxic in the adult brain and published data shows it to be a potential key driver of neurodegeneration. This new distinct mechanism is being exploited by Neuro-Bio to discover oral drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease. T14 can also be measured in blood and Neuro-Bio is developing this biomarker as a companion diagnostic.