Whilst in New York, where she was addressing the 2018 Annual Meeting for the American Psychiatric Association in early May, Baroness Greenfield was able to meet up for a lunch with three key investors of Neuro-Bio, Peter Yates, Jim Demetriades and Dave Fuente, none of whom are actually based in the city, but were by sheer happenstance all passing through from Florida, Los Angeles, and Melbourne. The ensuing get-together saw a highly stimulating and successful progression of ideas and plans for the company in developing a biomarker and therapeutic candidate.

Included in the picture with Baroness Greenfield is Kairos Ventures Founder and Managing Partner Jim Demetriades, David Fuente former Chairman and CEO of Office Depot and Director-Investor of Neuro-Bio, and Peter Yates AM Deputy Chairman of the Myer Investments Pty Ltd.