On Thursday 21st June Baroness Greenfield was invited by Vertex, a neighbouring pharmaceutical company here in Oxford, to give a talk on the ‘Neurobiology of Innovation’: the session focused on key questions surrounding the threats and opportunities for creativity in a changing digital environment impacting on the plasticity of the brain and in turn on how we think and feel. The key questions tackled were:

  1. Can only biological brains be creative?
  2. What is the physical basis of each individual mind?
  3. Will the 21st Century brain be more or less creative
  4. How can an individual be creative?
  5. What examples of creativity in science research

The answer to the final question was given with an illustration of the disruptive approach of Neuro-Bio to Alzheimer’s disease. Also representing Neuro-Bio at the event were Dr Garcia-Rates, Head of Drug Discovery and Ms Dominique Kleyn, Commercial Director.