On Wednesday 7th November The Rt Honourable The Lord Arbuthnot and The Baroness Greenfield hosted a truly memorable event at the House of Lords on behalf of Neuro-Bio Ltd. The programme included three after-lunch speeches.

Mr Charlie Holland, introduced Gusbourne, a winery in Appledore Kent that has a single vision: to create English sparkling wines that would be competitive alongside the very finest offerings across the globe. With the help of Charlie Gusbourne has been able to produce some of the most celebrated sparkling wines, winning numerous international awards and becoming the only three-time winner of the IWSC English Wine Producer of the Year. Charlie, the CEO and chief winemaker provided three of his delicious wines for our very appreciative guests.


The second speaker was Dr Anton Hutter, Partner at Venner Shipley, a leading firm of European Intellectual Property Attorneys. Anton has worked closely with Neuro-Bio for over five years, advising on patent strategy and filing.

Dr Hutter shared his recent review of the current patent filings relating to aspects of Alzheimer’s disease- 1,087 refer to familiar features of the late-stage disease beta-amyloid and 269 to tau, - but only two patent families relate to the novel, disruptive approach being developed by Neuro-Bio- both patents belong to Neuro-Bio.

Neuro-Bio patents are supported by three key pillars:

  1. Alzheimer’s Therapy: this encompasses the research focused on a novel drug treatment for patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease;

  2. Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: early diagnosis of a neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease using a biomarker well before any symptoms of cognitive decline appear, and;

  3. Cancer: Therapy and Diagnosis: Focusing on a diagnostic kit to detect strongly metastic tumours and a drug that stops cell migration.

The CEO and Founder of Neuro-Bio Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield was the final speaker . Baroness Greenfield has published over 200 papers in peer-reviewed journalsand has been awarded 32 honorary degrees from UK and foreign universities. She has been awarded the ‘Golden Plate Award’ (2003) from the Academy of Achievement, Washington, the L’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur (2003), from the French Government and the 2010 Australian Medical Research Society Medal. The speech described the beginnings of Neuro-Bio through the timeline towards its growing success. She described the Neuro-Bio T14 biomarker that will detect deviation from normal levels so that early prevention of the process of could be commenced 20 years before the symptoms may appear. She also shared an update on how Neuro-Bio is developing a new therapeutic drug that could stabilise cell death and one day offer an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s so the symptoms may never appear. Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield said about the event: "I’m delighted to share our latest findings with our shareholders, supporters and scientific colleagues. The company is at an important stage in progressing from basic research to real application of our novel ideas towards a diagnostic and a therapeutic."

We would like to thank The Lord Arbuthnot, Chairman of Neuro-Bio for being our Master of Ceremonies throughout the entire day. Lord Arbuthnot said: “It was good to bring together a group of enthusiastic supporters of Neuro-Bio in the House of Lords.  We heard not only from Susan Greenfield about the ground-breaking science being carried on by our high-quality laboratories in Culham, but also from our Patent Agents Venner Shipley, and from Gusbourne Estates, who make outstanding English wine.  Anton Hutter, from Venner Shipley who had sponsored the lunch, told us about the impressive families of patents in Neuro-Bio’s name; and Charlie Holland, of Gusbourne who had provided the wine, told us about the way English wine is becoming accepted throughout the world as a worthy rival to champagne.  It was a great event!”

The event concluded with discussions and a tour conducted by Lord St John. We would like to say a huge thank you to Venner Shipley and Gusbourne for providing the opportunity for Neuro-Bio to celebrate our pioneering science with all of our supporters.