On the 12th – 14 December 2018, Drs Emily Pinkstone and Giovanni Ferrati attended Nottingham University, to complete the in-vivo portion of our study being conducted there, with Prof. Tobias Bast and Adam Seaton. This is a follow up from an in-vivo study conducted earlier in 2018, evaluating the behaviour of rats, following a single injection of the peptide, T30, into the Basal Forebrain.

Our aim of this follow up study is to evaluate the biochemical effects of increasing doses of T30, across different areas of the brain. During our stay in Nottingham we extracted the brains and dissected areas of interest, namely the cerebellum, cortex, subcortex and hippocampus, to bring them back to Neuro-Bio for further in-house analysis.

This analysis will hopefully provide further insight into the role of this toxic peptide in living rodents.