On Tuesday 5th March 2019 the British Embassy, Prague hosted an all-day conference ‘Women In Science’ which took place in the Liechtenstein Palace in the centre of Prague. The event was officially represented by the British Embassy in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The keynote and panels held female science leaders such as our CEO and Founder Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield, Dame Ottoline Leyser Professor of Plant Development at the University of Cambridge and Director of the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge. Jessica Wade and Physicist from Imperial College London and Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell an astrophysicist who is best known for her Nobel Prize winning discovery of the pulsar.

With 150 attendees Baroness Greenfield’s speech centred around her personal journey into the sciences and a discussion on the issues that are faced by women that could hinder their career in the scientific field whether this could be the sexism in the company they were work for or their ability to organise child care.

This speech was videoed and will be uploaded when made available.