External Collaborations

David Fleet


David is a statistical specialist with a wealth of experience, including clinical and technical knowledge, that encompasses the whole drug development process across a wide range of therapeutic areas and speciality products.In 1999 David founded Data Magik Ltd (DML), a full Statistics and Data Management service CRO with technical services and systems development closely supporting key Data Management functions. The company, now called Manentia Ltd, provides a complete Clinical Development services with 13 people additionally Clinical oversight, Medical monitoring and Quality assurance.

University of California, Los Angeles
Dr Gregory Cole


Dr Gregory Cole is Professor of Medicine and Neurology at UCLA where he is also the Associate Director of the UCLA Alzheimer’s Centre and Associate Director of Research at the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Centre for the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration System. The primary goal of his lab is to develop safe and widely available methods for the prevention of Alzheimer's and possibly other degenerative diseases of aging. Neuro-Bio collaborated closely of proof of concept studies characterising T14 in Alzheimer vs control brains.


Durham University
Dr Dr Steven Cobb


Dr Steven Cobb is an Associate Professor in Chemical-Biology and Director of the Centre for Global Infectious Diseases at Durham University. His research group uses a range of methods and techniques in synthetic organic, peptoid and peptide chemistry to tackle interesting and challenging biological problems. He is a valued member of our Drug Risk Task Force.


Lethbridge University and Oxford University
Professor Robert McDonald and Professor Robin Murphy


Robert McDonald is a Professor of Psychology at Lethbridge University. His current research is directed at understanding: interactions among learning and memory systems, the role of memory system dysfunction in the aetiology of psychiatric disorder, co-factors contributing to cognitive, motor deficits following stroke and multiple pathways for memory consolidation. He also is testing alternative theories of Alzheimer’s disease in which he collaborates with Neuro-Bio testing the effects of the AChE peptide to study memory impairments. Professor McDonald conducts his experiments in collaboration with Professor Robin Murphy, who is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at University of Oxford. The experiments conducted in his lab include basic biological research into animal behaviour and those on the relation between neurochemistry, structure and learning as well as experiments on human thinking and reasoning. Moreover, he works on how the translational impact of his work relates to understanding brain function and how therapy can benefit from insights into associative processes. .


University of Nottingham
Dr Tobias Bast


Dr Tobias Bast examines how a brain circuit consisting of the hippocampus prefrontal cortex and connected subcortical sites mediates and integrates important cognitive functions, including everyday-type memory (e.g. memory for places and events) and attention, and other behavioural processes (emotional, motivational and sensorimotor). A concise overview of main line of research and key underlying ideas can be found in our recent reviews (Bast, 2011, Curr Opin Neurobiol; Bast et al., 2017 Br J Pharmacol). The Bast Team is collaborating on the in vivo studies characterised by Neuro-Bio.


Sheffield University
Dr Mark Collins


In order to identitfy the T14 peptide sqequence using Mass spectrometry in human plasma samples, Neuro-Bio collaborated with Dr Mark Collins, deputy Director of the biOMICS Mass Spectrometry Facility and expert on biochemical and quantitative mass spectrometry-bassed approaches.