Dr Alex Wilson
Development Director

Alex graduated from the University of Bradford, with a PhD in Psychopharmacology, and subsequently spent a 2-year Post-Doc’ at the MRC PET unit in Hammersmith Hospital, evaluating nigral loss and protection.  He then spent 10 years at SmithKline Beecham and GlaxoSmithKline, Neuroscience and Neurology centres, respectively.  In 2007 Alex moved to Singapore to set up a translational medicine function of an SME, CRO, during which time he also embarked on, and graduated with an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. Alex has also worked for the Government sector broadly in the area of Retinal Diseases.  Prior to joining Neuro-Bio, he was Managing Director for a privately-owned SME in Singapore that focussed on in vitro diagnostic device development using a proprietary affinity reagent approach.

Dr Sara Garcia Ratés
Head, Drug Discovery

Sara started her career as a postdoctoral researcher exploring novel approaches to neurodegeneration at Oxford University and has continued this work while transitioning from academia to the private sector. She has considerable experience in research and development and extensive expertise relating to the nicotinic receptor – a main focus for Neuro-Bio.

Paul Morrill
Head, Biomarker Development

Paul graduated with a BSc in Biology from the University of Southampton before leaving academia for the private sector. This commercial experience proved invaluable for Neuro-Bio when he joined the company, initially as a Research Scientist before progressing to Lab Director where he is currently heading up the arm of the organisation, developing a first-in-class blood biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease.

Julie Peachey
Business Manager

Julie graduated with a BSc in Geology and started her career in offshore oil rigs and subsequently worked as a land surveyor before changing career path to join Neuro-Bio in corporate administration. Having initially taken up a role as Office Manager, Julie has since progressed to Business Manager to better reflect the scope of the role and the extent of experience that she brings from her previous career roles and her growth within Neuro-Bio.

Stephanie Pilling
Office Assistant

Stephanie recently graduated with a 1st class (Hons) from the University of Coventry with a BA in Business Management. She has an eclectic experience based across many client facing roles including a cafe, fundraising for charity and as a Conveyancing Assistant. Stephanie brings her Business education and range of experiences to bear as the face of Neuro-Bio, being the first person that many will see or hear as they encounter the organisation.  She splits her time between this as well as providing PA support to the Development Director and Business Manager.

Emily Smith
Executive Assistant to Baroness Greenfield

Emily has had a wide range of experience in the service industry, from catering to leisure organisations. Building on this expertise she has then served as Executive Assistant to Baroness Greenfield for the last 7 years. .