Paul Mayho
Chief Financial Officer

Paul has over 25 years’ experience in the Finance industry where he has been widely exposed to high growth, VC backed operations. Following training at Grant Thornton, Paul has gained roles of increasingly high-level responsibility and understanding from Financial Controller at Oxford Molecular to Financial Director at Synaptiq Limited to CFO at Neuro-Bio Ltd.

Dr Sara Garcia Ratés
Director of Research

Sara has experience in research and development and subsequent expertise relating to the nicotinic receptor – a main focus for Neuro-Bio. She started her career as a postdoctoral researcher exploring novel approaches to neurodegeneration at Oxford University and has continued this work while transitioning from academia to private sector.

Paul Morrill
Lab Director

Paul graduated in biology from the University of Southampton before leaving academia for the private sector. This commercial experience proved invaluable for Neuro-Bio when he joined the company, initally as a Research Scientist before progressing to Lab Director where he is currently heading up the project for developing a first-in-class blood biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease.

Bibianaa Macedo
Lab Technician

Bibiana graduated in Biotechnology in Nutrition from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She has been supporting genetics, molecular biology and evolutionary biology research since then. Bibiana also has experience in screening DNA for pathogenic variants.

Julie Peachey
Business Manager

Julie is a graduate in geology and has had wide experience on offshore oil rigs and working as a land surveyor before changing course and deciding to take up a career in corporate administration. Having initially taken up and role as Office Manager, she has progressed to Business Manager.

Stephanie Pilling
Office Assistant

Stephanie is our latest employee to join us. She recently graduated from university with a degree in Business Management. She has a varied background including cooking in a cafe, fundraising for charity and being a Conveyancing Assistant. She hopes that she can use all of this experience in her new role as Office Assistant for Julie Peachey