Science Team

Dr Henry Tu
Senior Scientist

Henry graduated in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical from the University of Reading. His research focuses on the neurodegenerative mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease; this led him to joining Neuro-Bio Ltd as a Postdoctoral researcher, exploring novel approaches to neurodegeneration.


Dr Emanuele Brai
Senior Scientist

Emanuele has experience in research and development on the involvement of Notch pathway either in physiological or pathological conditions. Moreover, due to the common research theme this prompted Emanuele into joining Neuro-bio Ltd, as a research scientist.


Dr Giovanni Ferrati
Senior Scientist

Giovanni has a master in Neurobiology from the University of Turin in Italy, this was awarded with academic distinction. Additionally, he also has a bachelor in biotechnology from the university of Florence in Italy.



Dr Sergio Rotondo
Senior Scientist

Sergio graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Cambridge, in which he discovered his interest for cell signalling. His studies focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying degradation pathways and how the cellular protein trafficking might be involved in neurodegenerative conditions and other life-threatening diseases.


Antonella Cogoni
Junior Scientist

Antonella has a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of Bologna in Italy. She decided to join Neuro-Bio Ltd as a research scientist, due to her interest in neurodegenerative disorders.



Celia Marino
Junior Scientist

Celia is an intern from Warwick University, comlpeting her industrial placement year with Neuro-Bio.



Work placement interns