ABOUT Neuro Bio

Neuro-Bio is a privately-owned biotech out of Oxford University with a therapeutic focus on neurodegenerative disease. The company has discovered a novel 14 amino acid bioactive peptide (T14) derived from the C terminus of AChE. T14 is neurotoxic in the adult brain and published data shows it to be a potential key driver of neurodegeneration. This new distinct mechanism is being exploited by Neuro-Bio to discover oral drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease. T14 can also be measured in blood and Neuro-Bio is developing this biomarker as a companion diagnostic.

Dr Richard Mohs


"I compliment you on development of this novel and innovative approach to AD…the idea of linking known facts about selective neuronal vulnerability with both novel biomarkers and novel therapeutics is really quite exciting and is something completely absent from current approaches focusing heavily on amyloid-beta and tau."

Chief Scientific Officer, Global Alzheimer’s Platform, Nov 2017

Malcolm Moss


"Thank you for this latest missive which is extremely useful. Congratulations on the Grand Opening celebrations. I attend many such events but rarely have been more impressed by the organisation and high scientific detail produced in understandable terms. Over the last year Neuro-Bio has transformed from a brilliant concept to a serious research project which is well governed, efficient and organised. Many congratulations, you are a great team."

Shareholder, May 2018


Marcus Malkmus


"We very much like the scientific rationale behind your programme and we believe the science is very much ready to be translated into a clinical programme. Having worked with and followed a good number of biotech companies from very early stage al the way through to commercialisation we know what differentiates success from failure. We would be pleased to share our experience with your team and help you bring- what we believe is one of the most exciting scientific discoveries we have seen in a long time- into the clinic"

Director, Hestia Investments, March 2018


Professor Margaret Esiri


"Neuro-Bio's approach to the problem of Alzheimers disease is novel and scientifically well-founded. It is a good example of the new thinking that is urgently need in this field"

Neuropathologist at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Sciences, March 2017