Neuro-Bio was joined this September by three industrial placement students for the academic year 2018-19. Riona Fumi from the University of Leeds, Matthew Passmore from Warwick University and James Gould from York University have been working on three different projects within our Biomarker and Drug Discovery Teams.

Presenting work orally to a critical audience is an important part of scientific research. Therefore, at our final our team meeting of the year, the interns were asked to present an interim report on their projects. Below are brief descriptions of what they outlined:

“For the last month Dr Ferrati and I have been optimising our new experimental set-up, looking at levels of Calcium in ex vivo brain slices using a voltage-sensitive fluorescent dye. The results have been very promising, and exceeded our expectations as to timing: we have therefore been able to fast track and collect data that we are hoping will validate some core ideas” -James Gould

“Today marks the completion of successful assaying of the final cohort of samples from the clinical centre in Melbourne. After countless hours of hard work and determination in the lab, we will now be eagerly awaiting the results from the analysis which must be carried out. More info coming soon!” -Matthew Passmore

“I have been continuing with my project, measuring the levels of beta-amyloid in coronal brain slices of the basal forebrain which have been incubated in T30 for different lengths of time. As a result, I have found a consistent difference between the levels of beta-amyloid across the brain slices rostrally to caudally, and am now doing some research into the anatomy of the basal forebrain to understand what could be causing these differences.” -Riona Fumi