Science Team

Banu Preteni
Laboratory Manager

Banu has a masters degree in Diagnostic Microbiology from Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical School in Istanbul. She has previously worked at Oxford University at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Microbiology Department as a Specialist Biomedical Scientist. During her career, she discovered a growing interest in quality control practices within the hospital. Eventually, she left the clinical hospital for the private sector where she worked as QC Laboratory Supervisor. She hopes that her experience gained throughout her career will benefit the Scientific and Management team here at Neuro-Bio.

Dr Henry Tu
Senior Scientist

Henry graduated in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical from the University of Reading. His research focuses on the neurodegenerative mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease; this led him to joining Neuro-Bio Ltd as a Postdoctoral researcher, exploring novel approaches to neurodegeneration.


Dr Giovanni Ferrati
Senior Scientist

Giovanni has a master in Neurobiology from the University of Turin in Italy, this was awarded with academic distinction. Additionally, he also has a bachelor in biotechnology from the university of Florence in Italy.



Dr Sergio Rotondo
Senior Scientist

Sergio graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Cambridge, in which he discovered his interest for cell signalling. His studies focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying degradation pathways and how the cellular protein trafficking might be involved in neurodegenerative conditions and other life-threatening diseases.


Dr Emily Pinkstone
Senior Scientist

Emily has a Master’s in Neuroscience and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Neuro-Oncology. During this time, she developed a keen interest and love of neuroscientific research, which prompted her to join Neuro-bio as a Neuroscientist.



Sally Allison
Research Scientist

Sally has a Masters of Research in Neuropharmacology from Nottingham Trent. It was here where she discovered her love for cell signalling and neurodegenerative disease. Since then, Sally has been working on therapeutic applications for disease In Vitro. She has joined Neuro-bio as a Research Scientist with a primary focus on cell culture as part of the Drug Discovery team.


Matthew Passmore
University Industry Placement

Matthew is a 4th year MBio (Biochemistry) student from the University of Warwick with a growing interest in neurodegenerative disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. This has led him to join Neuro-Bio for 12 months, where he can develop his research skills and work on an exciting, novel project in biomarker development.


James Gould
University Industry Placement

James is a third-year student from the University of York currently undertaking a BSc in Biology. Here he has developed a keen interest in neuroscience in particular neurodegenerative disorders prompting him to join Neuro-Bio for 12 months as an intern. Here he is working with the drug discovery team and further developing his research skill.